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Do's, Dont's, Tips, and Tricks of Bridal Makeup

Posted on October 12, 2014 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (5)

- Beautiful makeup starts with skincare.

A good skincare regimen is always important but

is especially important for your makeup application to look its best.


Tip: Be sure to exfoliate your face before any makeup application.


DO use your favorite moisturizer and/or SPF (if desired) before your makeup application.


DON'T arrive with makeup on.

A clean face ensures a flawless application.


DON'T get a facial the week of or the week prior to your special day.

Allow at least 2 weeks for your skin to balance itself after a facial.


- Know your face/eye shape.

Every bride should look like herself on her wedding day…

the BEST version of herself with the help of her hairstylist and makeup artist.


DO find pictures of women with similar face/eye shapes wearing makeup that you like.


Tip: The internet knows EVERYTHING!

Use it to find what your face and eye shapes are.

Examples of some eye shapes: wide set, deep set, hooded

Examples of some face shapes: oval, round, diamond


DON'T have unrealistic expectations.

Makeup enhances your beauty.

A "smokey" eye that looks pretty on someone with prominent eyes

may not look the same on someone with hooded eyes.


DO schedule a trial run with your makeup artist to be confident that you will LOVE your look on your special day.

If you don't have a makeup artist that you know you will work with, think of your trial runs as an audition.

Schedule as many as you want until you find a MUA that you love.


DO bring photos or your Pinterest board of makeup as reference for your makeup artist.

One girl's idea of a "bronze" look may not be the same as another's.


DON'T choose a look that is just not you.

As pretty as a "cat-eye" may look, if you do not usually wear eyeliner you probably won't like it.

If you always wear eyeliner, do not choose a look with a clean eye and "dramatic" lip.

*I never discourage trying new things but your wedding day is not the best day to experiment.*


Tip: Schedule your trial for the day of your bridal shower and/or bachelorette party.

You will not only have a professional makeup application for that other very important event but

you'll get to see how well your makeup wears throughout the day/night.


- Trust your MUA.

We have been professionally trained and experienced.

Most of us have graduated from cosmetology/esthetics school and/or taken certification classes.


DON'T get concerned that you have "too much" makeup on.

Even the freshest and simplest looks require a heavier application

than you are used to wearing on an everyday basis

for longevity and photographs.


Tip: Take a selfie.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

It will help you see your makeup the way everyone else sees it.


DO and ALWAYS inform your makeup artist of any allergies you may have, topical or otherwise.

Similarly, if you have very sensitive skin.

Most MUAs would be happy to use your personal stash if you have something

that you know your skin will not have an adverse reaction to.


DO wear false eyelashes!

If you only follow one of my tips, THIS is the one to follow.

There are many shapes, sizes, and applications of false lashes;

So you can find the ones that are most comfortable and give you the look you are going for.

Lashes enhance ANY and ALL face/eye shapes and look AMAZING in photographs.

Trust me… You'll thank me later!

-Reapply and 'ReSet'.

It is our job to apply your makeup so it will look great during a ceremony, pictures, dinner, dancing, etc.

However, even MUAs to the stars cannot make your lipstick last all day and night.

You will have to reapply.

A setting spray should always be used to set your makeup at the end of your application.

It's beneficial to have your own to 'reset'.

DO choose a lipstick and/or gloss you are comfortable with and used to wearing.

Have it with you or ask your MOH to carry it for you so you can reapply.

If you normally only wear a lip balm, you do not want to choose a Barbie pink lipstick.


Lip Tip #1: Purchase some lipsticks and/or glosses.

Add them to your everyday makeup routine to see which one you love.

You will find that some may last longer than others.

Also, take selfies and compare.

Lip Tip #2: Purchase a lip stain or tint to wear under your lipstick or gloss.

When your lipstick wears off, your lips will still have a healthy pinkish glow.


Lip Tip #3: Sip from a straw. Your lipstick or gloss will stay put much longer.


DO purchase a setting spray.

Have it with you or ask your MOH to carry it for you so you can 'reset'.

It adds radiance, keeps your skin looking smooth, prevents your makeup from settling into fine lines,

and feels refreshing after a long day.

I make goody bags for all my brides that is like a little survival kit.

I include a straw, a lipstain, setting spray, and bobbi pins.


-So, now for my last DON'T

It may negate everything you have just read but…


DO NOT feel uncomfortable in your own skin!

If you cannot get used to or are unhappy with your






you look in the mirror and don't like it,

you take pictures and you don't like it,

maybe you just don't feel like you...

Speak Up!

This is YOUR day!

YOU are the bride!

Our job is to make you look like the best version of yourself

but more importantly

you need to FEEL like the best version of yourself

because that is what matters!


I hope my DO's, DONT's, tips, and tricks help all of you "soon-to-be Mrs."

Keep Calm


Plan On!


XO Lauren